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Amigurumi Lol Baby Doll Free Crochet Pattern

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Facebook Offical Page: Amigurumfree.msa.plus

In this article we will share the amigurumi lol baby doll free crochet pattern. Amigurumi related to everything you can not find and share with you.

Translate English Pattern: Amigurumi Doll


  • Snowball Organica hand knitting ropes; 
    1 piece Baby Kitten (K271) color rope 
    1 piece Blue (K604) color rope 
    1 piece Orange (K256) color rope 
    1 piece Cream (K1034) color rope
  • 1 piece Catania Color Ebruli (0211) color hand knitting rope
  • 1 piece Gazzal Organic Baby Cotton Brown (433) color hand knitting rope
  • 2 mm crochet hook
  • 10 mm amigurumi eye
  • Bead fiber, needle
  • Blue and white felt

MR Magic Ring
Ch Chain
Sl st slip stitch
Sc single crochet
Hdc half double crochet
Dc double crochet
Tr (or trc) triple (or treble) crochet
Inc increase (Add one or more stitches.)
Dec decrease (Eliminate one or more stitches.)
Turn Turn your work so you can work back for the next row.
Join Join two stitches together; usually done by working a slip stitch in the top of the next stitch.
Rep repeat (Do it again.)

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